Monday, July 23, 2012

Kitchen Bling

I gave a sneak peek of this project here last week. Which I finally finished up today. It ended up taking four coats of spray paint to get this kitchen bling, bling looking just the way I wanted it to. I am totally lovin it now that it is hanging above my kitchen window. 

Working on a curtain to hang up tomorrow. My kitchen has turned into a two week project. Here is what I have done so far:
Cleaned out all the cupboards
Gave away extra dishes that I never use or had to many of.
Wiped walls down.
Cleaned window
Cleaned blinds (which I hate to admit but will, they were gross) 
Still need to clean out pantry and fridge (that will happen tomorrow)
Finish and hang up new curtain.
Clean stove.

Since my laundry room just happens to be right off the kitchen it got a good cleaning as well. Which included cleaning behind the washer and dryer. Wiping down the walls and cleaning the cupboards out. Could not believe some of the junk just thrown in one cupboard. I can't help but wonder why I let it get so bad or that everyone thought it was a junk cupboard. I know, I know I should have taken some before photo's, but they would have scared everyone. Glad they are clean now! Hmmm, sweetness!

Well, off to finish that curtain.
( will have a better photo up tomorrow, lame camera and lighting) 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

HGTV Design Star

 It is now down to the final two designers on my favorite HGTV show design star. It is really hard for me this year to pick who I would like to see win. Never have I ever been in this position before. Both Britany and Danielle are amazing designers. I missed watching last nights episode. So, this morning in the company of my daughter American girl, we watched what I had missed. It was sad to see Hilari go. 

If you take a peak behind her, you can see the most inviting bed. Where I could totally see myself reading a book/or kindle on a cold winter day. Good Luck Hilari, I have a feeling this is not going to be the last time we see you. 

 Britany's yurt has many elements that I really love. That bed has storage behind it and it can be moved. I love that she took fabric and draped it on the ceiling, which brings in a wonderful splash of color. That light in the center of the room hanging over the bed, just happens to be on my wish list of wants in my own home.
Danielle's room is wonderful as well. I love that she put rugs on the floor and layered different ones together. She added a plant which brings the out doors in. Nice touch. But, the one thing I wish she had changed was the color of that bed. Black would have been even better or putting an embellishment on it of some sort.

I guess at this point let me announce who I would like to see win...ta ta daaaa.... Britany! Guess what? Britany has a blog, that is right. Could not believe it myself, I happened onto it this morning, while Google-ing for photos of the yurts. Here it is, enjoy! 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pottery Barn Dorm Rooms?

At our house we are all about preparing for College this summer. So, I was a tad surprised to find a current issue of Pottery Barn "dorm rooms" in my mail box this week. I had not asked for one to be sent to me. Then I realized that it wasn't even addressed to me. But, none the less I flipped through it on my way to give it to my daughter, whom it was addressed to. She had the nerve of tossing it to the floor, without even taking so much as a glance at it. Agh!!!...that it was on the floor and Agh!!!...again that she wasn't that enthused about it. I love pottery barn. She is going to need sheets and a new quilt. So, I grabbed it, flipped through it one more time and then found myself tossing it to the floor for her to look at later. I was not as impressed with this years line of dorm room suggestions. Here is my favorite one. Although, it really is not her style at all. The search will continue for just the right style, that says " Hey, I'm a big girl. Oops. I'm a young adult now." Pottery Barn, you let me down this time, but I am sure you will come through for me later when I am ready to decorate my sons bedroom. 
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