Bunkie Board Make Over

 Okay, I would totally show a before of what this bunkie board looked like before Emi and I re-did it. But, quite frankly it was gross, beaten up and just a plain old mess.  If you don't know what a bunkie board is...well it is the board that lays over the slats of the bunk bed and the mattress sits on top of it.

Emi cut away the old gross fabric. 

Here is what it looks like all cleaned up. It is ready to be covered. 

After putting our extra helpers outside it was time to get the fabric out. Which I got for free. It was curtain liner from some old movie theater curtains that were given to me. I cut them apart and saved the liners. I just knew they would come in handy one day. 

I laid it all out then laid the naked bunkie board on top. 

No stable gun here! I had to find another way to attach the fabric. I used small nails. They worked fabulously. 

Here I am taking my time going around pulling the fabric snug. 

Viola', it is finished. Just needed a little trimming of the excess fabric. Which was easy to do. 

Here it is all done and ready to go! Like I have said before. I would show you the finished bed, but I am going to save the revel for later when the room is done. Happy Hump Day! 

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Childhood Bed Makeover

This was one of my weekend projects that I did with my daughter Emi. This is her first bed after sleeping in a crib. It is the bottom bed of a bunk bed. We decided to give it a grown up look. We used grey spray paint to give the whole bed a base coat. 

Then we laid lace over the areas we wanted to give texture. I bought half a yard for 2.50 at Walmart.  Next time I would have bought a bigger piece. Because after spray painting over the same area 3 times, there is a little bleed through of spray paint in areas I did not want it to bleed. It all still turned out just fine. We used back spray paint for this process. 

It looks darker when wet. It does lighten up when dry. 

We love how it looks! Wish I could show you what the bed looks like all put together. That show in tell will just have to wait until the big reveal of her room. Which could take a few weeks. I am now a weekend warrior or DIY'er. There is so much more to do, and share. 

Hopefully tomorrow I will get a chance to show the bunkie board make over. We redid the whole bed. I loved ever min of it. Great way to relax over the weekend. 


Vist To Salt Lake City

My sister and her cute family came to Utah for a visit.

During her visit we got to do many fun, fun things together.

One being a chance to ride the new Trax train in our area. 

We rode up to Salt Lake City, from Lehi. It was a blast. 

We went to temple square. 

Then to the City Creek Center

Never been before. 

My first thought, was this could be  Horton Plaza in Downtown San Diego. 

Same feel. 

Oh,  I love out door malls. 

Most of all I was amazed at the tall, tall buildings. 

Architecturally speaking, I was impressed enough to take a few photos.

It was such a fun way to spend a day. 

Bonus, Bradley was totally worn out. 

So, you know our evening was very chillaxed. 



 I simply love hanging out and pinning all my favorite Pinterest inspired projects.
Instead of just pinning all those great ideas, I thought it was time to start giving some of those ideas a try. First idea up: Fridge Mats. Which really are placemats in the fridge. They make those nasty spills a little easier to deal with. My placemats are very special. They come from a day of thrift shopping and only cost me $1.50 for 6. Mine are so fun, they are miss matched. Which might bother some people. But, for now they work nicely as is. My favorite are the sun flowers. I will keep my eye out for some that will match my sun flowers a little better as I yard sale and thrift shop. Just this small little change has made my fridge more organized and easier to clean.


Jean Rag Quilt

Here it is! 

 It is heavy, which is a great comfort to Bradley. I have been wanting to create a weighted quilt for him, for sometime. I have read that children with autism like pressure or to have heavy things on them. This seems to be the case with Bradley, he loves to carry heavy things, and hold heavy objects. Anyway, no matter what the reasons behind this quilt were to make it. Bradley loves it! That is all that matters. It seems to give him some great comfort when he goes to bed. Bonus, I made it and filled it with my love. 

This was one of the toughest quilts I have ever sewn on or made. 
It was just awkward to sew the long strips together. 

Front Side

Back Side


Bed Spray Painted Pumpkin Orange

The weather has been to windy to do any kind of spray painting. But, finally this weekend  I just took a chance and went for it. This is one project we have been anxiously waiting to get done.  We (as in Bradley and I ) pulled the bed outside into the back yard. Grabbed our cans of pumpkin spray paint.

Here is what happens when you allow a 10 year old to spray paint a bed frame. 

Ya, get a few drips that totally capture his heart and he decides that is the new look of the bed. 

Later, when the bed is "suppose to be drying",  I sneak back outside to do a little touch up. 
Which he then thinks it"s amazing what has happened while it was drying.
 "Hey, mom you can't see the drips as much now that it is dry".

When he first told me that he wanted the hand me down bed to be painted  pumpkin orange I was a tad unsure if that was such a great idea. In the end I think it looks great. I have a plan to make those hearts disappear. Can't wait to show off what I am going to do. But,  ya have to wait. Bummer!!!

Once it was dry and had time to set. Bradley helped me carry it back into his room and put it back together. Right now he is sleeping very happily on it. After all he thinks that changing the color makes the bed sleep better. Oh, the new quilt I made looks amazing! Another, ya gonna have to wait moment. 

It delighted my heart to get this bed painted over the weekend. It gave me a chance to take my mind off other things that are happening right now. If by chance you want to see my design plans for this bedroom, go here

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