Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bubee's Bulletin Board

This old bulletin board has been hanging around our house for several years. Each time I would hang it the thought would cross my mind that I wanted to paint it. When we moved into our current home. I vowed to paint it before hanging it up. Now 3 years later here I am finally getting to it.

 Children wanted to help as always. I really like to use dollar store wrapping paper for my painting projects. I did end up tipping it up on its sides painting each side with 2 coats of paint. I did not worry about the back side since it will be against the wall. After it dried I taped off the edges to paint the cork board white.

I love how it turned out.  Now my Bubbe boy has a bulletin board for all those 100% spelling test, math and scout reminders he gets. Alright, I am just assuming that all his work will be 100% this school year! (smiling) 
I Heart Nap Time
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