Sunday, April 19, 2015

Recycled Quilts

Sitting here chilling. Actually staying awake while scrolling through Pinterest. It's the perfect time to look up information about recycling old quilts or creating quilts from old recycled material. I see this
cute jean quilt. Of course I am pinning it. I love it. The style of it. It's awesome. I want to make one.

Jeans & Denim: Recycled, Up-cycled & Re-purposed @

I can't find the pattern! Dang it!  The picture captured my attention. I click to pin it. Then click to go see where and how to create this quilt. I ended up on this web site. Which is full  of great ways to recycle old jeans. Cool. No how to pattern. I scroll down. Find the picture with another link, click it. It takes me here. Once again. I am left hanging, with a sweet taste in my mouth and nothing to satisfy it. As I am still searching to see if I can find the pattern anywhere on those links. I just noticed the links are old. From 2012. So, I am left with a fabulous looking picture of a quilt that I want to make without a pattern. I am up for a challenge.


Please, don't hang a temptation out there on Pinterest Peeps, if you aren't going to give us the how to make it. Just saying! This one is going to haunt me for a few days.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday....Busy!

It has been a busy week! I day dream of deep cleaning house and finishing up some on going projects. Like my master bedroom makeover. But....this has been my week so far. 


My day off. Here is what I have done.
Advocate. I spent the better part of my day being just that, for my daughter. Dropped everyone at school. Went to get a paper from the Dr.'s office for the school district to give permission to allow my daughter to continue in a special program for chronically ill children.
Then I ended up at the school district office for a while.
Headed home
Forgot I needed to pay for piano lessons.
Went to do that.
Ended up back at the High School, to meet with a Vice Principal.
Got good information.
Picked Annika, needed to have a serious talk, and break some bad news to her.
Took her shopping at a favorite thrift store. Started sharing all that I discussed with Vice Principal.
Ran into someone we knew. Very awkward, since I was in the middle of breaking bad news to her.
Chatted for a min.
Said "see ya later".
Finished talking with Annika.
Headed home with our cool finds.
Prepared for Brads baseball game.
 Brad had his first baseball game.
Realized in the middle of his game that I hadn't eaten all day.
Left game to go get something to eat. Before passing out.
Game ended.
Went to get dinner for everyone.
Came home. Ate dinner.
The fell asleep trying to read e-mails.


5am wake up.
Got dressed and ready for work.
6:30 am was at work, working.
10:30 am got off early.
Headed home.
Changed clothes fast.
11:00 am, transition meeting with Brad's teachers, and the Jr. High staff  to create his schedule. Talk about concerns we all might have about him going from elementary to junior high.
11:40 ish...finally home.
Talked with Annika about school and plans for the future,
2:15 picked up other children from school. Found out Brad was leaving the next day on a 6th grade camp out. (knew about it months ago. forgot the date of it)
Helped him start packing.
Annika was kidnapped by some youth leaders. Taken to dinner.
Finally a quiet moment to chill, kept falling asleep with laptop open. AGH!!


5am wake up to get ready for day. Needed to look nice!
7:15 meeting at high school
8:30 home. Where I meet up with a friend.
8:40 headed to temple. First time back in 14 years.
Home again by 11.
Back to High school for another meeting.
Take Annika out for some food.
Worked on a calender with Annika.
Then got ready for sophomore orientation.
Becca and I head to my work to where I fill out paper work for time off next month.
Then we head to the high school.
Where I talk to much, ask to many questions, talk some more.....Then we head home. She won't talk to me much in the car. Not sure if I have driven my own kiddo crazy, but it seems i did.
Crash again. Tired.


Work a full 8 hour shift.
Come home to cranky kids.
Take one to buy a new pair of shoes.
Then we head to the store for some prescriptions and food.
Then home. Glad to be home.
Wait, one more thing. Send e-mail to baseball coach. Brad is to tired to attend baseball practice.
I get ready. Eat something. Get dressed nice.
Head to meeting about girls camp. I learn lots.

Here I sit. Wishing I had some energy to craft, design or sew. But, this is what I have been doing with my time instead. Nothing has been a waste. There is no regret. Just grateful I can be here to do whatever needs to be done for my family.

After all tomorrow, is Friday! No plans other than working. I see some creative time being carved out of the day. Along with some clean up for everyone else to help with.

Just not sure how to fit much more into my days.
Friday. New day. Nothing other than work on the calendar.
Time to revamp my calendar. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Sweat Pant Sunday

This has been a total sweat pant day. Just what I needed. No, just to clarify mom. I didn't wear sweats to church. Just fun looking leggings under my long jean skirt. So, cute. Dang it! I forgot to take a picture. Next time. 

Sweat pants. There is something sweet feeling and relaxing about them. The great part. Was the moment in the late afternoon when we (Brad,Hubby and I) decided to head out to the baseball field to enjoy some of the wonderful Sunday sunshine. I was ready to go. Brads first game is tomorrow. Exciting! 

Since I was lounging in sweat pants most of the day. Question now must be, what was I doing? Nope, I didn't nap. Came close. But, I did discover my twitter account, again. Where I found this amazing peach pie recipe to try this week. Chatted with a fellow blogger about the pie recipe, which got me even more excited about trying it out.

There is a scripture about love, that keeps coming to mind today. It comes to mind as I read more and more in the news about troubles our country is having. It's the first time I have had to catch up on world news. There seems to be a lot of anger, hate, worry and contention happening. More than I remember. I couldn't keep reading all the things going on in the world, because it makes me sad. Tender heart here! That Scripture, that I keep thinking of today,

John 13:34
A new commandment I give unto you. That ye love one another ; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. 

Everyone seems to be seeking something right now. love from others, understanding, acceptance or to feel right about their opinion on something or wanting to get back at someone. The peace maker in me can't help but feel  as if we have forgotten the love one another part. Which means to me loving everyone as they are. No judging or trying to change a person, simple love and acceptance. Along, with forgiving others of their weakness. We don't have to agree with others choices, lifestyles or the way they choose to live life. Simply loving everyone as God does. Working to change ourselves first before looking down on others. Let God take care of the rest.

Really, this is how I think of things. I use to spend so much time worried about keeping my opinions to myself. But, I really do have faith that God does exist. That change starts with us having faith that God is there to help us along the way, open doors, help us forgive others. Let him do the fixing and judging. When I turn over those icky feeling of hate to him. And let God carry it. I am free of the burden that hate brings.

Well, that's my ramblings after spending a day lounging in my sweat pants, getting caught up on world news, twittering like crazy and actually reading lots of facebook pages.

Now to meditate for peace of mind. Something I do every night before going to sleep. Actually, I will find myself falling asleep.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Spring Break

It's done. Over. Time to go back to the dolorum of the daily routine, of homework. moaning, and groaning about getting up for school. This happens every year. The children have a week off for spring break. They get a little taste of what summer is going to be like. And they start to crave it. They start yearning for the freedom of no homework, projects and nagging mom. We start to buck up for the final weeks a head. 10, 11 or so.

Let's focus on  the wonderful, and slow pace spring break that we had.

The girls and I saw the movie The Duff. I thought it was a real dud. Crud. Even though we laughed. It's going on my  for sure don't ever see again list. Shhh! Don't tell the girls. They loved it. I didn't appreciate all the crud jokes. Don't think the storyline really needed them.

We shopped all our favorite places.

Where we found some interesting chairs. Yep, these pink/ orange things that look like mini trampolines are really chairs. Surprised us too. Becca was kind enough to try them out for us.

Old Navy. 
Flip flops and tank top shopping.
A little playing with the toys in the checkout line.

Oh! I rocked being a mom,when I bought two of Brad's favorite drink, Kiwi - Strawberry Arizona's. 
He sucked it up to grocery shop with me. Even loaded all the groceries into the car by himself. 

 Today, the girls and I just had to make  one last fun shopping trip to our favorite thrift store. Where, I got 20% off your entire purchase deal. Wooohooo!!!

10:30 pm.
Now, we are all chilling out. After a great visit with a special gal. Nothing better than a visit from my grandbaby and having her ask for crackers.

When she went home. Everyone returned to their new favorite activity, playing Minecraft. Brad taught everyone. Minus me. I was a party pooper and refused. It hurts my eyes just watching it.

Awe, such a sweet day!

Friday, April 10, 2015

Opps...Sorry Mom

 Went grocery shopping. Stacked all the groceries on the counter. Went to do something for a quick second. Came back to this.

Brad had taken a some scissors to a box of soda, to get it opened. In the process poked a hole in a can of soda. It exploded. Good news was that he was at least attempting to clean up the mess. He was so cute about saying sorry mom.

We had a good laugh. Just proof of life at our house. I am raising kids, not a house. Feeling grateful for such having such a great kiddo. 

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Cute Boxes

It's spring. This seems to be the time when all those cute organizing boxes go on sale. Annika and I just happened to be at Michaels craft for one of our weekly visits, when we happened upon these fun looking boxes. We got 5 boxes for $10.

She loves that they say Secrets, Things and Stuff. Very simple and fun! Mine. Paris, of course. One disappeared. Becca snatched it up to fill with "Secret" things. Leaving me one to store cute mommy gifts in. You know, all those homemade noodle necklaces, love notes and small pottery projects you get for mothers day. Yep, that's is what my cute box is full of. 

I love these boxes for storing memories. 

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