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In 2007 I discovered blogging. I started with a family blog called " Simply A Family". Where I would tell, tales of my children. Until one day it was clear that it was time to say good bye to that blog and create something a little different. So, I create Jenny Lynn Designz. Where I would share my passion for interior design, re-purposing furniture, sewing projects and sometimes my attempts at cooking. 

Sometimes life doesn't go as planned. Especially when you desire a more Christ Centered life. When I began to focus my life more upon his teachings. God started to make over my life one year, one month, one day at a time over the last few years. Here's a quick glance at what has happened.  

2012 / 2013 began my return to my religious roots ( The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints)/ started a new career path

2014 food allergies, dropped 70-75 lbs

2015 left husband/ Moved to a new State / started divorce/ started therapy

2016 wrapped up my divorce/  will marry someone new / Move to a new State. 

I  LOVE Blogging because of all the great friends I have made and continue to make. I am  finally ready to start blogging again. My goal for my blog, is to share my adventures in cooking with food allergies, creating a new home with a new Husband. Which means lots of re-purposing furniture, searching flea markets, thrift stores, attending yard sales for those special pieces to make our house a home. 


  1. Your new "About" page turned out fabulously! I loved learning about you and your passions - - your history - - your family. You really took my tutorial and ran with it. I'm so impressed...and truly encouraged to know that my humble lil post inspired you. Thank you for commenting on my blog and for the invitation over here to visit your beautiful corner of the blog-o-sphere. Yay!

    1. I am delighted you stopped by to read it. I was truly inspired by your tutorial.

    2. Just included a photo and link to your "About" page in my Reader Showcase post today. Thanks for being so awesome! Feel free to stop by to check it out and grab a featured button.

      Reader Showcase: Spring 2013

      The Thinking Closet

  2. I just saw this. Neat. I went to college in the San Diego area too. I remember Horton plaza and Sea Port Village.

    1. There was the best salt water taffy at a little candy shop located in Sea Port Village. My dad loved spending Saturdays down at Sea Port.

    2. So did my dad. He worked in San Diego for awhile.


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