Saturday, December 1, 2012

Love Blanket For Christmas

This cute “love Blanket” was started way back at the beginning of this year.  I know, I know what happen to finishing it?   Why did it take so long? Trust me I have asked myself these questions many times.  When rearranging my sewing area I looked at it along with all my other unfinished projects and thought “I should finish this. So, I did! I pulled it out this last week went to work finishing it. Each day I did a little on it. One day Pinned the edging on one side then sewed it then the next day I pinned the other side and started hand stitching the edge for a nice finishing touch. Hand stitching it took me 3 days. All the hand stitching means that the quilt is a true “Love Blanket”, because it is full of my love.  Just a little of my corniness there!  It will make for the perfect Christmas gift for my niece. I imagine her, mommy and daddy (my brother) spending many hours snuggling with it as they read together.  The truth is I started this quilt for my niece before she was even born. I won't be tell how old she is now...she might be 9 or 10 months old now! 

Opps, wonder if my sister in-law reads my blog. Maybe I should have waited until after Christmas to share this.  Hope they don’t see this post! Gotta share, I am so excited that I finished it.  

Do you have an unfinished project haunting you? 

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