Tuesday, May 21, 2013


 I simply love hanging out and pinning all my favorite Pinterest inspired projects.
Instead of just pinning all those great ideas, I thought it was time to start giving some of those ideas a try. First idea up: Fridge Mats. Which really are placemats in the fridge. They make those nasty spills a little easier to deal with. My placemats are very special. They come from a day of thrift shopping and only cost me $1.50 for 6. Mine are so fun, they are miss matched. Which might bother some people. But, for now they work nicely as is. My favorite are the sun flowers. I will keep my eye out for some that will match my sun flowers a little better as I yard sale and thrift shop. Just this small little change has made my fridge more organized and easier to clean.

”AA Bowl Full of Lemons

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