Flower Pot Re-do

This cute flower pot was given to me for FREE!!! 

 The inside was gunky from having real plants in it. After cleaning it out, it got a nice coat of black spray paint. Such a simple and easy way to make it user friendly again. 

Look at this amazing garbage bag of greenery I got for FREE when cleaning up a classroom at the end of  school last year. The teacher was moving to a different classroom and was done using it. Basically it would have gone to the garbage if I had not taken it. But, I saw it's potential to be re-used.

 Bubee needed something to do while waiting to attend a party. He was great at spray painting the inside of this planter. Then he got tired of doing it and went off to ride his bike. Note: when my children help paint anything, I make them wear a face mask and even goggles when needed.

Finished and Lovin it! 


  1. Great makeover! I love how it looks on the fireplace~

  2. Love the redo. If you look further on my blog, you can see a curbside pickup I made lovlier.

  3. I think whoever gave you this flower pot for free is going to be sorry now, it's really nice. I am crazy for anything with grapes on it.


Goodness, you just made my day a little sweeter. Thanks Bunches!

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