Mirror Mirror

My beautiful mirror has been calling out to be painted black. As I was already spray painting on this, it simply made sense to give the mirror just what it was asking for. 

 I prepped it with my favorite dollar store wrapping paper and painters tape. When Christmas is over I go buy 3 or 4 rolls of dollar store wrapping paper because I use it for many different things. This is just one of the many ways I use it.

 It took roughly 2-3 coats to get it looking just as I have been imagining. It was hard to be patient while it dried. I wanted to get it hung up as soon as possible. Now that it is up, I love it.

Now the angle of the photo that I took is a little odd because it was really late at night and I was looking tad hooky.  Alright, I was in pj’s while hanging up my mirror and toilet paper art.  My hair was scary. I knew that if I got in front of that mirror to take a picture I might scare everyone, because you would have seen my reflection.  I don’t wan to scare anyone just yet. It is not Halloween yet. 
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  1. looks very nice! one day I might get a little more "crafty"--but it is definitely not my season :)


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