Thursday, August 23, 2012


I'm a hoarder! That is right mom, I am ready to admit that I am a hoarder of information. I have a folder on my computer full of projects that I want to make. Recently I realized that I have so many in the folder, it is hard to tell what is there.

Here a few of my favorites that I came across:

This is a pillow mattress created by Southern Disposition. I really want to make a few of these for my family room. They would be fun for when we have a bunch of girls over to hang out, or when the boys come over to watch a movie. I just love how soft it looks. Kendra gives such a great step by step instructions on how to make it, that I know I could whip this up pretty quickly. 

Twistable Crayon Roll, was found during a google search on how to make something to hold crayons. Because, I love crayons. So, do a few of my girls. I was looking for something to hold them so you could see each color. Once again the tutorial is amazing on this project. Ten Cow Chick, Mariesa explains this with photos. Since it is back to school time, I am going to be picking up my twistable crayons so I can whip a few of these up.

(photo found here)

The wrap skirt has Capulet my attention recently. Boy do I want to make one. I found a great tutorial on Sew Mama Sew.  When I get done finishing up a few other projects, I would like to make one for me to wear on Sunday's to church. It looks really comfy. The skirt in the took a little searching, but I found who it belongs to here

There was small peek into what projects I have in my folder called "Crafts I Want To Make". I am going to sort through it. Because it has become a mix of recipes, sewing, crafts and furniture tutorials. Do I actually ever make any of them. Yep, I sure do. Can't wait to share what it is I am making right now from that folder. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Flower Pot Re-do

This cute flower pot was given to me for FREE!!! 

 The inside was gunky from having real plants in it. After cleaning it out, it got a nice coat of black spray paint. Such a simple and easy way to make it user friendly again. 

Look at this amazing garbage bag of greenery I got for FREE when cleaning up a classroom at the end of  school last year. The teacher was moving to a different classroom and was done using it. Basically it would have gone to the garbage if I had not taken it. But, I saw it's potential to be re-used.

 Bubee needed something to do while waiting to attend a party. He was great at spray painting the inside of this planter. Then he got tired of doing it and went off to ride his bike. Note: when my children help paint anything, I make them wear a face mask and even goggles when needed.

Finished and Lovin it! 

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