Monday, October 8, 2012

Purple Folding Chairs

I attacked it with a can of purple spay paint. 


Sad truth is that I ran out of spray paint before I could get a second coat on them. But, that will be quickly remedied with at trip to the local Home depot. Just ran out of day before doing so. I love the way they look already! I gotta give credit to Kelly from "The Moon and Me" for inspiring me with this idea which she posted here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mirror Mirror

My beautiful mirror has been calling out to be painted black. As I was already spray painting on this, it simply made sense to give the mirror just what it was asking for. 

 I prepped it with my favorite dollar store wrapping paper and painters tape. When Christmas is over I go buy 3 or 4 rolls of dollar store wrapping paper because I use it for many different things. This is just one of the many ways I use it.

 It took roughly 2-3 coats to get it looking just as I have been imagining. It was hard to be patient while it dried. I wanted to get it hung up as soon as possible. Now that it is up, I love it.

Now the angle of the photo that I took is a little odd because it was really late at night and I was looking tad hooky.  Alright, I was in pj’s while hanging up my mirror and toilet paper art.  My hair was scary. I knew that if I got in front of that mirror to take a picture I might scare everyone, because you would have seen my reflection.  I don’t wan to scare anyone just yet. It is not Halloween yet. 
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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Finished Toilet Paper Art

I started this project last Tuesday. Funny that it is finally ready for show~n ~ tell today. It took me a week to finish it. Now that is because I work a 6 hours day 5 days a week and then get distracted by children that seem to need me. (me smiling)

There is nothing sweeter than coming home from a long hard day at work to a can of spray paint. 

That is exactly what I did yesterday after calling to wish my mom a Happy “19” birthday. 

Something she told her students (she was an elementary school teacher) for years.  

I wish y'all could have seen the look on my Hubbies face when  I told him what this was made of…he just smiled and shook his head. 

It was a priceless moment. 

It has been such a great way to chillax a little everyday. 

Finally over the weekend it was done and ready to be spray painted. 

But, I did not have the time. S

o, it really delighted my heart to come home from work to this project.  I think it turned out fabulous. 

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