Parade of Homes part1

One of my greatest joys in life is to attend a home show. It brings back wonderful memories of my Dad, taking us on Sunday's to walk through model homes. I love it, love it, love it. When the kiddo's where all small it was hard to attend. Now I take a daughter and we just eat it up like a good pie of pumpkin pie. 

This is part one, because I split up the map and took one daughter to see 6 of the houses that I just could not wait to see. This next weekend I will take another daughter to see 6 other homes that I am just as excited about. This is really the perfect mother/daughter date in my opinion. (I am smiling) 

 I just love this chair! 
 The yellow and turquoise just make me feel like the sun is shinning in this room. 
 I need to paint something this turquoise color soon. Looking around my house and trying to decided which piece is getting a make over. 
 I could curl up here with a good romance novel! 
 This was interesting, it was at the top of this lovely stair case in this really large home. Great way to display a collection of colorful plates, glass art or any kind of  art for that matter. 
 I kinda wondered about a few homes, that seemed rather bland... like this room. Where is the pop. It might be relaxing for someone. Certainly not me! I need a little more color. I took the photo, because we loved the glass side tables. 
 My daughter wants to make this bench. 
 This was in a child's bedroom.which had a secret door disguised as a book shelf. Hmm, great idea! I could use a secret hideout from time to time. Just to hide from all the children. Sometimes I need a timeout. 
 BEWARE great idea... That brown stuff above the bed is cork board that runs all the way around the whole room.  A great way for that artist in the family to always display their work. 
 Simple cuteness! 
 Beautiful Daughter, who got excited over how big the closets were in a few houses. 
 That wall to the right of the drafting table, was covered in floor plans and photos of the houses that went with them. Another one of my favorite decorating ideas. 
This basement garage, caught our eye due to all the great man/boy toys that were in it. 
 My daughter loved these colors. 
 Favorite piece of art, after seeing lots. I just loved the simplicity of it. ( cute little girl was out to trip me in this house. Because every room we went to there she was running right through us.We even tried to escape her by going a different way, but still here she is one last time getting in my photo. ) LOL....
 Dream bath tube..."OH, calgon take me away" 
 Love these lights!

 Very shabby chic!
 I want to try and make one of these for my son's bedroom. 

 Finally a punch of color, that I really like. 
My dream home! 

Whew, if you made it this far, thanks for taking a peak at all my top photos. I did not post nearly all of them. I plan on taking many more photos for inspiration when I finish up attending the Parade of Homes here in lovely Utah Valley. 

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  1. lol - my sister fell in love with that neutral bedding. I actually just changed mine to all creams with a little bit of brown and love it. But I do have darker tan walls, so it's not boring at all.


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