Pottery Barn Dorm Rooms?

At our house we are all about preparing for College this summer. So, I was a tad surprised to find a current issue of Pottery Barn "dorm rooms" in my mail box this week. I had not asked for one to be sent to me. Then I realized that it wasn't even addressed to me. But, none the less I flipped through it on my way to give it to my daughter, whom it was addressed to. She had the nerve of tossing it to the floor, without even taking so much as a glance at it. Agh!!!...that it was on the floor and Agh!!!...again that she wasn't that enthused about it. I love pottery barn. She is going to need sheets and a new quilt. So, I grabbed it, flipped through it one more time and then found myself tossing it to the floor for her to look at later. I was not as impressed with this years line of dorm room suggestions. Here is my favorite one. Although, it really is not her style at all. The search will continue for just the right style, that says " Hey, I'm a big girl. Oops. I'm a young adult now." Pottery Barn, you let me down this time, but I am sure you will come through for me later when I am ready to decorate my sons bedroom. 


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog. The one you posted is a pretty shade of blue.

    Garnet Hill has a current contest in which she designs a dorm room with their products. The winner will win 1000 dollars worth of their product to decorate.

    1. I love the blue as well. Thanks for the heads up about Garnet Hill. I am on the hunt or at least trying to help my daughter find something she will like.


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