How To Make Toilet Paper Flowers

My weekend has been a tad stressful. Crafting for me is therapy. Believe me I needed some Sunday therapy after one of my worst nightmares as mother happened. Late Saturday night as we were just getting ready to go to bed, Hubby and I received a phone call from our son letting us know that he was in a car accident. Police were on their way and the car would need to be towed. We were just grateful that he and his girlfriend were going to be fine. It caused a little stress for us on today. As I type and show off my lovely creations, I am totally relaxed finally. 


Pre-cut the toilet paper rolls 1/2 inch thick or so. It doesn't have to be perfect.

Personally, I have a shoe box full of lids from all kinds of drink bottles. I know, what a weird thing to collect. For this project I preferred using water bottle lids. But, I think any kind of lid would work just fine. 

Then I like to plan my flowers before hot gluing them together. It really is a time saver to match up 4 -5 flowers at a time. If you are at all like me, time is very precious/limited and needs to be used wisely. 

Glue carefully please, as blistered fingers are not fun. I had a couple of close calls. 

Place hot glue around the edge of the lid you decided to use. Careful once again of your fingers. 

Viola'! You have a flower ready for some color. (spray paint)
 I do make a 5 petal and a 4 petal flowers. Just to have a little variation. 

Here is a 4 petal flower. Which looks just as fun as the 5 petal one does. 

Here is a peek at the madness taking place on my dinning table. 
One of my kiddo's came along while I was taking care of something else, and organized my bottle caps. It made me giggle when I saw it. 
Can't wait to show off what they look like all painted and hung up in my bedroom. 
Such great therapy! What do you do to relax when you have stress happening? 


  1. Oh Jenny, I am so glad that everything is alright with your son, and to get such a phone call at night is one of the worst things. You have me intrigued as to what these flowers are going to be.

    1. Thanks Sue! He is doing better now. I am looking forward to having sometime to come visit your blog tomorrow.

  2. LOVE these!! I made them with no centers, but love your design better! Will be pinning these! THANKS so much for sharing! I appreciate it! I'm featuring you so please feel free to grab a featured button :) XOOXOX

    1. Kristine, Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some happy news. I am glad you liked this project. I am hoping to spray paint the finished project to share tomorrow.

  3. I've been saving toilet paper rolls for forever - can't wait to see how this turns out!

  4. These are super cute! I can't wait to see the colors you paint them :) Adorable!


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