Toilet Paper Flower

Here is a glance at my current project. 

Which I am totally excited about.

The cap is from a water bottle. 

I am really enjoying that I am re-purposing some part of the water bottle. 

We go through lots water bottles. 

Recently, Bradley has started asking me when his birthday is. 

Now, we just laugh because his Birthday is in the Fall. 

But, I managed to find something really cool to help him count down until it is his Birthday. 

It is here
Simply type in the date and it tells ya how many days until that date. 
It sure makes it easy to when he ask how many days until his Birthday. 

Do any of your children start planning their Birthdays early? 


  1. That birthday countdown is so clever. How old is Bradley now?

  2. So sweet and different projects, and I really like that apron.

    My daughter starts planning her next birthday the day after. I always tell her enjoy whatever age she is. She had such small scale "parties" these past two years that I hope we can do better for her, but we have until the end of year. Actually I'm thinking of doing a party for her "just because" when this kitchen is done.


Goodness, you just made my day a little sweeter. Thanks Bunches!

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