Jean Apron

Well, I book marked this pattern over 2 years ago. Finally, I got a chance to make it and I love it. If you click over and look at the pattern. You will notice that I left off the pocket. I was not fond of the pocket. So, I left it off. 

(note: it is late at night when I modeled for this photo and I never like having my photo taken. I also needed to mop the floor from all the snowy boots that walk through my kitchen from the garage during the day. But, I decided to sew before doing it. Bad on me for not mopping up before taking a photo for this post. So, forgive my imperfections.) 

I had already sewn the jean legs together to make the apron when I realized that I for got to take photos. 
 Once I pinned the waist ban on, it seemed like sewing the rest of the apron when pretty quick. It took a total of 2 hours, with interruptions included,  to make this apron. 

Ironed it flat. 

Then pinned my ties on. Which I made our of bias tape. I made everything from scraps that I had. The idea of spending money did not thrill me. So, this cost me nothing but time. 

Finally I was almost done. Checking the clock to make sure I stopped to get children tucked into bed. I had this all pinned on the way I wanted. Not much ruffle! 

Top stitched to give a nice finish. 

Honestly, if you want to make one go here, Lucy of My Byrd House gives great instructions, they are easy to follow and I am grateful that she shared this fun pattern. It was fun to make! I won't be keeping it, I will be giving it away. 


  1. It's very cute! And brave of you to have your photo taken; I'm the same way.

    1. Glad I am not the only one who doesn't like having their photo taken.

  2. This looks super cute! ANd so is the model!!!!!

    I hoep all is well. I have been thinking of you and praying. I have to get back to No Fear Fridays!!

    1. Thanks for your concern Kim. I could use a No Fear Friday!

  3. I LOVE your cute jean apron!!! Super cute:D


Goodness, you just made my day a little sweeter. Thanks Bunches!

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